Builders in Swift

Those of us who have written Java code before probably know what the builder pattern is. And those of us who dislike Java as much as I do are probably confused why you would want builders in Swift. But, as with most things, it heavily depends on the context. And

Migrating deprecated Server services

Like Apple announced this spring they have now removed many services from their macOS There is a nice overview here []. There is also a migration guide [] , that should help with transitioning to some open

The internals of the macOS HUD

[tl;dr;] The frame of the macOS system HUD is (origin = (x = 620, y = 140), size = (width = 200, height = 200))... (at the time of writing) In one of the reviews of CapsLocker [] a user disliked, that the HUDs in CapsLocker do not

Codable CoreData

Swift 4 [], amongst other things, brought a way to serialize/deserialize data into/from model objects called Codable. Those changes were proposed under SE-0166 [] . I'm not going to elaborate on how Codable works

Swift 3

Together with iOS 10, watchOS 3 and Xcode 8 Swift 3 made its way into the public. Of course there were betas of Xcode (and with it Swift 3) before the public release. And of course I was playing around with them, too. While more and more projects are converted

Domain Change

You might have noticed that the domain of my blog changed from to I've been waiting to use one of the new gTLDs and now I finally made the switch. It's not that easy to setup a root domain with Ghost

Long time no hear

It's quite some time ago since I've last written something here. Sorry about that. I'm currenlty in the middle of moving from Switzerland to Germany which gives me quite a lot to do. But I plan to write some more posts again. For example